Sandwiches and wraps

Easy & Healthy Vegan Mock Tuna Salad

Healthy vegan mock tuna salad Tips: follow us on Instagram for daily stories on our vegan food experiences and family life.  Creamy mayo based sandwich salads are my favorites, but […]

Vegansk Skagenrøre

Creamy No Mayo Seafood Salad

“The Skagen Seafood Salad” is a common delicacy that is a part of the traditional Swedish “smorgasbord” with our yellow and blue neighbours. But it is also popular here in […]

Smoked lentilpaté

Smoked lentilpaté has been a big favorite in our house for many years, but nothing beats the smoked version! I will tell you, it’s some of the best things you […]

Vegan sweet potato nacho cheese - Vegan Ground

Vegan sweet potato nacho cheese

It is high time we put up an alternative to our hugely popular, immensly diverse and otherwise ingenious nachos cheese dip sauce, this time with video instructions. Vegan sweet potato nacho […]


The Best FLT Sandwich

FLT Sandwich Everyone knows the classic BLT sandwich! Here you have the vegan version – Facon Lettuce Tomato! (FLT Sandwich) It’s so delicious, and facon will certainly be your new […]

Philadelphia cheese steak sandwich

Philadelphia Cheese Steak Sandwich

An American classic, though not the most vegan name. The vegan zombie, who stands behind this amazing recipe, calls it “The No Killy Philly”. My husband (at the time the […]