Vegansk Skagenrøre

Creamy No Mayo Seafood Salad

“The Skagen Seafood Salad” is a common delicacy that is a part of the traditional Swedish “smorgasbord” with our yellow and blue neighbours. But it is also popular here in […]

Homemade Oil Free Thai Red Curry Hummus - Vegan Ground

Homemade Oil Free Thai Red Curry Hummus

Homemade Oil Free Thai Red Curry Hummus Tips: follow us on Instagram for daily stories on our vegan food experiences and family life.  You can never get too much hummus. […]

Smoked lentilpaté

Smoked lentilpaté has been a big favorite in our house for many years, but nothing beats the smoked version! I will tell you, it’s some of the best things you […]

Olive hummus

Olive hummus

Hummus for president! Hummus is a huge staple in our home and I can’t even remember all the variations of hummus we have made over the years. Beetroot, carrot, chili, […]

Faux Gras (the goose is still alive)

Faux Gras

Faux gras, not foie gras. This is a fantastic liver pâté substitute! The best one I’ve tried so far. Luckily, I’ve never tasted the original, and I can’t quite imagine […]