No Knead Chili Cheese Taco Bread

No Knead Chili Cheese Taco Bread Tips: follow us on Instagram for daily stories on our vegan food experiences and family life.  This recipe just popped into my head one […]

Vegan sweet potato nacho cheese - Vegan Ground

Vegan sweet potato nacho cheese

It is high time we put up an alternative to our hugely popular, immensly diverse and otherwise ingenious nachos cheese dip sauce, this time with video instructions. Vegan sweet potato nacho […]

Chili sin carne - Vegan Ground

Chili sin carne

Chili sin carne, mmm, delicious! This stew is awesome, and despite what you find in the igredients list, it does not taste of neither milk-chocolate or cinnamon buns. Cocoa and […]

Coarse guacamole

Coarse guacamole Vegan ground enjoys coarse subjects, but sometimes things can be very finely pulverised as well. When it comes to how we like our guac it is definetly coarse. […]

Masa Harina Corn Tortilla

Masa Harina Corn Tortillas

Homemade corn tortillas Lets face it. There a quite a few good alternatives to your choice of tortilas around. Both recipes and to buy in your local store. But did […]

Sofie`s melon salad

Sofie`s melon salad

Sofie`s melon salad On Saturday I was made Sofie`s melon salad, by my partner’s beautiful daughter aged twelve. She is incredible in the kitchen, so I’m looking forward to making […]

Flautas with refried beans and corn

Flautas with refried beans and corn

Gunnar and I love Mexican food and eat it at least 1-2 times a week. We always have taco night on Fridays, and it’s fun to make something different than […]

We can't be the only ones totally in love with pineapple. Or spices.

Spicy Pineapple Salsa

Spicy Pineapple Salsa Salsa is usually something people use for their taco, especially here in Norway. But salsa can be used for so many dishes – tapas, barbeques, salads, even […]