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Vegan Family Food – I am publishing my 2nd book!


Yay! After many months of hard work, my second book is finally finished! My first book (in Norwegian) was written together with a medical doctor/professor and vegan nutritionist, and was about how to put together a well balanced plantbased diet, with 40+ recipes in the end of the book.

This time I am publishing alone, and this book is an English cookbook, with 50 delicious recipes well tested on kids at all ages, both vegetarian, vegan and meat eating kids. The dishes you will find in my book, are the ones that got the highest “yummy-score” from all the kids, and I tell you – some of the kids were pretty picky!

My newest cookbook with 50 awesome vegan recipes!

Head over to the books landing page to find all options available for my new book!

I am so grateful for all of you bying my book and supporting my hard work and my goal to show everyone how easy one can make delicious food without animal products. And if you buy the book, I am extremely grateful if you take the time to leave a review at the sales page. This will help us gaining more visibility and reach out to even more people who need to learn that we don’t need animal products to make great food! 🙂

Thank you so much!

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