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17 Vegan No Egg Easter Recipes that will blow your mind

17 Vegan No Egg Easter Recipes that will blow your mind
17 Vegan No Egg Easter Recipes that will blow your mind

17 Vegan No Egg Easter Recipes

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It’s April and Easter is just around the corner! Most people here in Norway are spending Easter at their cabins, but this year people have to stay at home because of Covid-19. But hey, lots of fun to do at home too! We have 5 kids at home this Easter and we have so much planned! You can get the kids to do Activity Bingo, or Hiking Bingo. Also there are dozens of different board games you can play, or maybe computer games with multiple players? There’s also plenty of good food to eat, but as a family with 5 kids, we have to plan ahead! We have made a full week menu with 17 Vegan No Egg Easter Recipes for the whole Easter Week, with our kids’ favorite dishes. All vegan, of course.

Easter Menu 2020 vegan ground
17 Vegan No Egg Easter Recipes

Check out our tips for vegan Easter candy and hiking trip food at the bottom of this menu. 

17 Vegan No Egg Easter Recipes that will blow your mind
17 Vegan No Egg Easter Recipes that will blow your mind

Here is our Easter Menu 2020!

Monday April 6th: 

This has been one of my favorite recipes for many years. I always end up eating myself sick every time I make this dish. It’s SO good! Serve it with rice, garlic naan and lots of fresh cilantro!


Tuesday April 7th:

Lalalalalasagnaaa! Lasagna made from scratch is maybe a bit time consuming but very few dishes beats a real traditional lasagna! We make it without meat or cheese, but still it’s very similar to a real, classic lasagna. We use vegan ground “beef” and vegan Bechamel, which gives a really meaty and cheese lasagna. Serve it with a green salad, olives and garlic bread. So good!


Wednesday April 8th:

Easter is yellow, and so is this soup! It’s bright colour, creamy consistency and spicy, delicious taste, makes it my favorite soup of all times! It’s easy to make, and can be made as mild or spicy as you want. Our kids loves it – without the chili! Me and my husband likes it more spicy. Best served with fresh cilantro, roasted chickpeas, vegan sour cream and fresh bread.

Hot and spicy sweet potato cream soup

Thursday April 10th:

Today is the first day of Easter! Most people have been at home for a while anyway, because of the Covid-19 situation, but I hope you get to relax and enjoy family time these days. What’s for dinner today? It’s BARBEQUE RIBS! All vegan, of course, but still extremely delicious! Make a double or triple batch and save some for hiking trips (bring the grill or use a bon fire!), or sandwiches. Or just for a midnight snack, right out of the fridge!



Friday April 11th:

Friday is taco time at our house, and kids won’t let us off the hook even if it is Easter or any other holiday (maybe besides Christmas, haha). But since we both love mexican food ourselves, we really don’t mind. This Friday we are swapping our regular tacos for FLAUTAS, and they are amazing! We use refried beans in ours, but you can use whatever filling you want. Vegan ground “beef”, tempeh, tofu, chickpeas or vegan “chicken” substitutes are among our favorites. Serve with rice, green salad, corn, salsa, vegan sour cream and guacamole.

Flautas with refried beans and corn

Saturday April 12th:

Saturday is pizza night and the kids go crazy if we skip this! But we usually vary our pizzas almost every week, so instead of sharing one recipe for pizza, here is a blog post where we share MANY of our vegan pizzas through the years. We love pizza!


Sunday April 12th:

Here in Norway, Easter means lamb. But since we rather want the cute lambs running around free, we swap our lamb for seitan! This seitan roast is usually made for sandwiches, but sometimes I make a whole loaf with extra garlic, thyme and rosemary in the dough, bake it then let it cool for a few hours. Then I melt some butter in a large casserole, add some chopped garlic, thyme, rosemary, crushed peppercorns and a little salt, and fry the whole loaf so it gets a good browned crust all over. Serve whole or in slices, with potatoes, vegetables, gravy and cranberries. Leftovers are GREAT for sandwiches, wraps or even in burger buns, or you can slice them in strips and marinade for “kebab” etc.

Quick and Healthy Bread Rolls

Monday April 13th:

It’s the last day of Easter and we hope everyone have had a great time with their loved ones. Today we want to share one of our favourite faux fish recipes! These originates from World War 2, when people had to find substitutes for almost all recipes with meat or fish. The result? People got healthier and health problems like heart disease decreased. At least that’s what I have read, I can’t be totally sure. But it sounds just about right, since a plantbased diet is the best you can do for your health.

Well, here is a recipes from the war, where someone was clever enough to make “fish fillets” from parsnip! The dish was called “Krigsfisk” which in English means “war fish”. I know some vegansk who calles it “Fredsfisk” (peace fish) instead. Lovely! We just call it faux fried fish, and it’s delicious both served with potatoes, melted butter and veggies, but also on sandwiches with remoulade, dill and a slice of lemon. You’re welcome!

Faux fried fish

Food for hiking trips and barbeques:

In the Easter many people like to go on long walks, at least here in Norway. We are usually very lucky with the weather during Easter, and it’s extra cozy when we bring some nice food in our backpacks. Food taste so much better in the fresh air!

We like to go for hikes to places that has public grills, so we can grill our own sausages, burgers etc. 2-3 years ago and more, you couldn’t get any vegan hot dogs in Norwegian stores, you had to buy them online or in special health food stores. Today we get 3-4 different brands in most regular food stores! But we like to make our own, since it’s cheaper and they taste better! I haven’t gotten around to translate my Norwegian seitan hot dog recipe yet, so I’ll share one from another vegan blog, that is very similar to my own recipe. Enjoy!

Vegan Hot Dogs with Homemade Seitan Sausages

Another dish we love to put on the grill is this:

Place 1 sheet of  aluminum foil on the kitchen counter. 1 sheet = a grilled package for 1 person. Cut potatoes, sweet potatoes, leek or spring onion and carrots in pieces. Mix it with some vegan meat of choice, we like to use chicken substitute for this one. Place a suitable portion on a aluminum sheet and cover with a large tablespoon or two of vegan butter, and sprinkle on some thyme, salt and pepper. Close the packages carefully and put them on the grill until they are tender. It may take a while, but this is SO GOOD!

We also like to bring with us large sandwiches with seitan sausage, avocado, vegan omelettes or a vegan burger with fried onions and vegan mayo! Cookies, fruit and dark vegan chocolate are also great hiking snacks.

Vegan eggs for Easter?

Vegans don’t eat eggs, but we do eat “eggs”! I have always loved eggs and that was one of the most difficult things to avoid after going vegan. But after discovering all the vegan “egg” dishes one can make from tofu, chickpea flour and other vegan ingredients, a new world opened! I now eat scrambled eggs, fried eggs, omelettes and such. Here are some of our favorite “egg” recipes.



What do we vegans fill our Easter eggs with? Oh, there are lots and lots of vegan candy out there. Here are a few examples:

The ultimate guide to vegan Easter candy

Vegan candy we want to find in our Easter basket

If you want to bake this Easter, here are a few recipes we think are very suitable for this season:


Homemade Ferrero Rocher

Peanut caramel balls


Nutty Date Halloween Marzipan Balls

Orange marzipan with chocolate

Happy Easter, everyone! We hope you are having a wonderful time in spite of the virus situation. Take care.

17 Vegan No Egg Easter Recipes that will blow your mind
17 Vegan No Egg Easter Recipes that will blow your mind


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