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Creamy Nutella Liquor Shots

Creamy Nutella Liquor Shots
Creamy Nutella Liquor Shots

Creamy Nutella Liquor Shots

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Creamy Nutella Liquor Shots is so easy to make, it’s almost a bit boring! No, but seriously – you only need 5 ingredients, a casserole and a bottle!

This is adult candy, and almost scary to have in the fridge, because you want to drink it all the time but at the same time you really don’t want to become an alcoholic. :p

I guess it’s possible to make a non alcoholic version by using chocolate milk instead of vodka, let me know how it turned out if you try.

Creamy Nutella liquor

Ingredients for 1 liter of liquor:

  • 400 ml vodka
  • 100 grams vegan hazelnut chocolate spread
  • 100 grams vegan dark chocolate
  • 50 grams sugar
  • 500 ml (2 cups) vegan heavy cream

This is how you do it:

Find a medium sized casserole. Add chocolate spread, sugar and chopped dark chocolate to it. Use low – medium heat and stir carefully until melted. Then turn off the heat, and add the cream, then the vodka. Let it cool and pour it into clean bottles and place them in the fridge.

Shake well before use. Serve cold! Spray a dot of vegan whipped cream on top of the glass for a little extra luxury.


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