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Glutenfree and Supertasty After Eight Truffles


After Eight truffles

Glutenfree and Supertasty After Eight Truffles
Glutenfree and Supertasty After Eight Truffles

These should probably be called Royal Mint truffles, but since the recipe is originally with After Eight (and most people probably don’t know what Royal Mint is), I choose to call them After Eight.

So Royal Mints is the vegan version of After Eight, we always have it at Christmas! I’m not sure you’ll get them outside of Norway, but I am sure every country has their own vegan/dairy free version of After Eight mint chocolates. Use whatever you find. Or you can use dark vegan chocolate and some mint extract. That would work fine too.

Lately, we have been completely crazy about by making different truffles, and after making coconut truffles and regular chocolate truffles, I wanted something a little fresher, which was not too heavy, and at the same time a slightly exciting variant that not “everyone else” made . Thus, these delicious mint truffles were added. Oh, how good they are!

Remember to keep them well covered in the refrigerator (or freezer), otherwise they can be a little hard on the outside (but equally good in taste).

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Ingredients for approx. 20 truffles, depending on size:

  • 1 dl vegan heavy cream, or other plant based cream substitute
  • 200 grams of dark vegan chocolate
  • 15 pieces of Royal Mints
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract (or vanilla powder / sugar)
  • 2 teaspoons vegan butter
  • Powdered sugar for rolling, or other decoration

This is how you do it:

Let the cream come to a boil, and turn off the plate (or set it at the very lowest). Put in the chocolate and mint chocolates, as well as the vanilla, and leave this on for a while until everything has begun to melt. Stir gently once in a while.

When everything is melted, stir in the butter and stir everything to a smooth sauce. Put the whole pot in the fridge for an hour or two (or longer if you don’t want to roll the truffles right away). When it’s hard, take out the pot, prepare a bowl of powdered sugar, and roll out the balls with a teaspoon. I dig out a teaspoon of chocolate and roll a nice ball with my hands. It’s messy, but fun! Let the kids help, they will love getting chocolaty hands!

Place each ball in the powdered sugar and roll so the balls are well covered. Put them on a platter and into the refrigerator until serving. These can handle room temperature for a while, but they can get a bit soft so preferably take them out right before serving.

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