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Vegan Guide to Krakow – 14 restaurants

Vegan Guide to Krakow
Vegan Guide to Krakow

Vegan Guide to Krakow – 14 restaurants

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Kraków is known to be one of the most vegan friendly cities in Europe, with all kinds of vegan and vegetarian restaurants – and all in walking distance from each other. So we just had to travel there and check it out for ourselves!

The last week in October, I got on the plane with my mother and brother (also vegans), where we were set to live in a two-story apartment for almost a whole week. Our plan was to visit as many vegan restaurants as possible, and just enjoy ourselves to the fullest. I am a full time blogger and vegan influencer so this trip was not just a vacation for my part, it was a business trip where I was going to help my vegan followers in their choice of vacation destinations. But as a vegan who are going to another country just to try out the vegan options, it’s best to travel with vegans who are just as interested in this as I am. So I had the perfect traveling partners!

We left from rain and cold in Stavanger, to 22 degrees C and shining sun! Crazy to have such change in weather just a couple of hours flight from Norway, where it’s winter now. But such change in temperature isn’t only positive; all three of us came home with the flu and my mother got it so hard she was admittet to the hospiral because of it. But that’s another story.

So, where to eat in Krakow??

There are enough vegan options in this city, to say the least. You will find plenty of all-vegan restaurants and vegetarian restaurants with lots of vegan options, but you’ll also find vegan options in most regular restaurants as well. But when you are a vegan coming to Krakow, you just have to visit the all-vegan places. They know what vegans want, and it’s so great to be able to choose from ANYTHING on the menu!

The first place we visited, was VEGAB. Here, you can get huge vegan hot dogs, juicy kebabs with sweet potato fries or regular (Belgian) fries, and you can choose from several different sauces and dressings. All vegan! We ordered three different kebabs with fries and drinks. I had ginger lemonade, while my mother and brother chose rose limonades. Strange, but tasty. The meat is made from seitan and soy, it was incredibly tasty and I was full after half a kebab, and I ordered the medium one! Huge portions!

Later that evening we were craving pizza…

…so we chose to visit No Bones, but when we got there, all we met was a closed door and a note with “Sorry, but we are closed” … I contacted them on FB to ask if if was only that day or if they were out of business, but they never responded. Not good. As a food blogger I would be more than happy to write about them, but now they missed the chance. Well well.

We HAD to have pizza, so we visited PIZZATOPIA instead, where they had vegan pizza with cheese. And boy, were we happy! What a fantastic concept! This is just like Subway (but much cooler and more fancy) where they make your pizza while you watch and you choose your toppings while they make it. The queue was deadly long, but it went fast since the pizzas only takes about 3 minutes to bake. It’s, hands down, the best pizza crust I have ever had! No Italian could make it better!

We chose the only vegan pizza they had on the menu, it was a Margherita. It was good, but I like my pizzas with more toppings, and the next time we went there (because one time is never enough, trust me) we chose custom made pizza where we choose the toppings while they make it in front of you. I had regular dough (they had 3 different types), spicy tomato sauce (which was not spicy at all, just like regular tomato sauce), thin slices of potato, olives, pineapple, zucchini, tomato and vegan cheese. Omg, I died, it was amazing! I could go back to Krakow only to have this pizza one more time.

When in Krakow you have to do some shopping.

Or, my mother had to. I am actually a woman who hates shopping (yes, we excist) but I needed new shoes since it had been 4-5 years since I bought my last ones. Yes, I hate shoe shopping, and I try to buy all my stuff second hand. But, new shoes were needed, so I went to the Galeria Krakowska wity my mother who had to help poor me getting new shoes. My favorite thing in the shopping mall was the food court (:p). They actually had a good selection of vegan food.

We had Chinese tofu with rice, vegetables and noodles from VegeStation (yummy), and the second time we went shopping (urgh) me and my brother tried a vegan sub at Subway. It was delicious! They even had vegan aïoli! We also bought the traditional Polish pretzels when we wanted food in a hurry, they sold them everywhere for almost no money!

Since we lived in an apartment, we had to do some grocery shopping and it was extremely easy to find vegan groceries in Krakow. We only found ONE large food store, but there were thousands (ok, not so many but close to) of small stores everywhere in the city. They all were Carrefour Express stores, and the prices varied from store to store, strangely enough. We found hot dogs, vegan ham and salami, yoghurt, chocolates, cheese … Everything! Here in Norway we are getting more and more vegan options in the regular stores, but in the smaller stores they have practically nothing.

On our list of vegan restaurants…

…we had a place called FARMA. It sounds like a Pharmacy, and we went right past it the first time we were in it’s neighbourhood, probably because we didn’t need any medication. :p

We are happy that we got to try it out, because they had amazing vegan gyro burgers, and the potato wedges were out of this world! You could choose a sauce to go with your potatoes, and I chose a vegan cheese sauce. Amazing! My brother had garlic sauce, and it was just as good. My mother had a vegan hot dog, and it was very tasty, but the ketchup tasted like sour socks. Turns out, they have a ketchup brand in Poland that don’t taste like ketchup at all, it’s terrible. Maybe Polish people like it, like our Norwegian brown cheese that almost no people outside Norway like.

I don’t know. But the hot dog was great! If you want it to taste good, ask for no ketchup and maybe some other sauce instead. Or try the ketchup at your own risk. We bought french bread pizzas to go, and heated them up in our apartment for a late evening snack. They were ok. They would probably be better fresh in the restaurant. The burgers and potatoes were ridiciously good, though.

We could’nt leave Krakow without having tried out…

…Krowarzywa Vegan Burger! All vegan, and the menu was great! I loved their concept; from the menu you start at the top and work your way down. First you choose your “protein” (tofu, tempeh, chickpeas, millet, veggies etc), then you choose if you want it as a bowl, a wrap or in a burger bun. Then you can choose from a vary of side dishes (kimchi, fries, sweet potato fries, coleslaw etc), then the sauces to go with it (mayo, chilisauce, ketchup, etc). Besides this you can order a kebab or two different types of vegan hot dogs. Pure food love!

One thing about my mom: she is a cake monster! She can eat cakes instead of food, and me and my brother are completely the opposite. We can’t eat cakes for breakfast, and we would rather eat salty things and dinner instead of cakes and candy. But when in Krakow you have to try out everything, so my mother was very happy we took her to CAKESTER and CUPCAKE CORNER.

Cakester had a wonderful belgian waffle with fruit and vegan whipped cream. Cupcake Corner only had one vegan option when we came, but it was a very delicious vegan banana cupcake with buttercream.


Breakfast and lunch in Krakow

The last two places we visited was a breakfast/lunch restaurant which weren’t vegan at all, but they had a couple of vegan options. Moja had a beautiful vegan breakfast platter with avocado, scrambled tofu, avocado, 2 different spreads, sourdough bread and grilled vegetables. This also included a smoothie bowl with granola, it tasted just like mango ice cream!

My mom had, of course, vegan pancakes with fruit.

At Massolit Bakery me and my brother had a wonderful bagel with sundried tomato spread and tofu bacon, and a vegan cappucino. My mom tried the crossaints, and she loved them so much she bought them all (7 in total) and ate them every day during the rest of the stay. She even had one on the plane home, haha. I don’t like crossaints that much, it’s too fatty for me, but I had to taste, and they were just like regular crossaints, very good.

Krakow, where to next time?

That’s it! We got to visit a lot of vegan places, but not as many as planned. One needs a large stomach, great planning and more than a week if one plans to visit every vegan/vegetarian place in this large city. Me and my husband, Gunnar, hope to go there soon and try the rest of the list! Prepare for “Vegan in Krakow – part 2”! These are among the ones on our list for next time:

We are so looking forward to go to Krakow again, with empty stomachs and full wallets!


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