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What do vegans put on their pizza?


As a vegan I often get asked what on earth I top my pizza with. Well, vegetables obviously. That’s something most omnivores use as well, I imagine. Pizza without meat is great, I often chose vegetarian pizza over pizza with meat even before I became a vegan. But what about the cheese? Yes, cheese can be a bit of a problem as there are no alternatives to cheese with the same stretchy feel and taste of cheese as mother’s milk (yes, cow’s milk is in fact mother’s milk). But I promise you that vegan pizza is just as tasty as long as you use your imagination and find good alternatives.

My pizzas have been very well received both by vegans and meat eaters, most meat eaters are actually surprised at how cheesy my pizzas are, even though there’s no cheese on them.

I prefer homemade vegan cheese (I’ve got many good recipes here on the blog), but if I buy cheese I usually go for Synnøve’s Go Vegan shredded cheese. I think it’s the best one.

Don’t use too much and place it in a thin layer on top of the tomato sauce before you add the rest of the toppings and whack it in the oven. That way you get a super nice pizza!

Many people swear by mixing the shredded cheese with a bit of neutral vegetable oil, salt and nutritional yeast (or a little vegan cream instead of the oil), and yes, that works very well too.

Leek, vegan chorizo and garlic.
Calzone with mushrooms, onion, garlic, tomato sauce and pizza cheese from
What does vegans have on their pizza?
Pizza with mushrooms, “vegan cheese that actually melts” (recipe on the blog) and onion.
Pizza buns with soy mince, onion, cheese sauce and BBQ seasoning, they’re awesome!
Thai pizza with pineapple, mushroom, coriander, satay sauce, beranaise sauce, chorizo, red onion and peppers.


The best pizza ever. Natural cream cheese mixed with grated cheese, cherry tomatoes, mushroom, mince, onion and garlic.


The kids’ favourite, med cheese sauce, sweet corn and Wheaty Chili Spacebar


Kebab pizza with Hellas Sunset-gyros from Veganlife, sweetcorn, red onion, Béarnaise cheese sauce, and kebab dressing by Veganmisjonen


The best cheese I’ve ever tried on pizza – Cheezly Pepperjack cheese)


Wilmersburger cheese, pineapple, red onion, cherry tomatoes, green pepper and mushrooms


Cheezly mozarella, red onion, mushroom, onion and fresh basil.


Cheezly mozzarella, mock chicken, red onion, mushroom and fresh basil.


Tofutti cream cheese natural mixed with nutritional yeast, pepper, mushroom and garlic.


Trashy pizza with “steak” (roastbeef on this blog) and Toro light Béarnaise sauce made with soy milk.


Homemade Dolly Dimple’s Brennheit (roast beef, green pepper, mushroom, Cheezly mozzarella and lots of coarsly ground black pepper.


Cheezly mozarella, mushroom, pepper, olives and fefferoni.


Homemade cheese sauce, olives, mushroom, onion and green pepper


The best pizza ever (picture taken before it has been in the oven)! Mushroom and chicken style pieces marinated in sweet chili marinade, Cheezly soy free, red onion, salted peanuts, yellow pepper and chopped fresh spinach. The sauce is Peppes’ Chicago sauce.
What do Vegans put on their pizza? - Vegan Ground
What do Vegans put on their pizza? – Vegan Ground


  1. Audrey L Ulmer

    Hi there. These pizzas look AMAZING. Can you please post the recipe on your page or on here. THANK YOU

    • Hi Audrey
      Glad you like our pizzas. 🙂 Howeve, this is a post with just tips for what to put on a vegan pizza. We buy our products here in Norway, but most countries have an even better selection of vegan “meats” and “cheese” than Norway so I’ll bet you will find lots of options in your nearest grocery store, depending on where you live. 🙂

      Cathrine & Gunnar

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