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Limoncello, real italian lemon liqueur


Limoncello, or lemon liqueur, if you will – is an italian specialty that’s also very popular in Norway. Liqueur is super easy to make at home, but it takes some patience. You see, the point of the process is to leave it on the counter for weeks or even months to ripe properly. The trick is to make so much of it, you’ll have liqueur for months after making a batch. And you can vary the tastes with only imagination limiting you. Strawberries, raspberries, banana, apricot, prunes, plums, cherries, lemon – you name it. We would love to try some different flavors too, and we’ve got grand plans of making our own liqueurs for our wedding this summer. We’re also gonna make our own Baileys based on coconut milk (recipe is coming as soon as we get to make it perfect).

Limoncello, ekte italiensk sitronlikør

Limoncello, ekte italiensk sitronlikør



  • 750 ml vodka
  • 6 lemons
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 cup sugar

This is how we do

  1. Wash the lemons and zest them, but avoid as much as you can of the white inner rind, as this tastes bitter. You’re just gonna use the rind here, and not the rest of the lemon – so a good tip for using all of it, is making some limonade.
  2. Put the zest in a large, steril glass jar with a close lid. Pour the vodka over, and close the lid carefully. Let it ripe for a couple of weeks. Shake the jar once a day. The best way to keep it, is in a dark, cool place. We left it in the basement.

    When a couple weeks have passed by, you want to sift the liquid. Squeeze the zest in your hand if you can, to get the ultimate flavour out of it. Put it in a new steril jar or bottle.

    Make a syrup by pouring the water and sugar in a casserole. Boil it on a medium heat while stirring, until the sugar’s completely dissolved. Cool it to room temperature. Pour the syrup over the zest in the bottle or jar, and shake it, baby. Get the lid back on, secure it tightly and keep it in the fridge.

    Serve it with ice cubes and slices of lemon. Yum!

Limoncello, ekte italiensk sitronlikør Limoncello, ekte italiensk sitronlikør

Limoncello Pinterest
Limoncello Pinterest

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